Product Design / Mobile Photography



2009 | Embedded Interaction Design


The assignment of this school project is to design a conceptual interactive relaxation environment by using Arduinos and create a physical prototype to demonstrate how it works.


The Team

We worked as a team to create the workable prototype without much sleep during 4 weeks (Apr. 2009). The team members for this project are Michael Lai, Ellena Cheng and me. The instructor for this course is Michael Fox. 

Design Solution

Hundreds of people pass through the same overpasses in Central everyday without any interactions with their fellow pedestrians. This design encourages people to become aware and feel closer with the other people through the interactive overpass. 

Nothing happens when one person is inside the overpass. 

The magic happens when there are multiple people at the same location because the surrounding of the overpass grows and creates a sense of larger space and freedom when there are more people. The pedestrians can feel the energy that is generated by them meeting on the overpass.