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Morningstar Direct Cloud

Morningstar Direct Cloud

2011 - 2015


Direct Cloud is a web-based investment analysis platform for institutional financial advisors that allows them access to high quality data, analytics and research, so that it helps them select, create and market investments. The platform is being constructed and designed from ground up as an avenue to serve up Morningstar’s core services. The platform adopts an elegant, modern design with a faster data API system that providing a greatly enhancement on user experience over Morningstar legacy products. The product was launched in 2014.

My Role

Senior UX Designer I joined Direct Cloud team as a user experience designer since the project just got started. I’ve gone through entire product release cycles from early planning through concept development to QA testing to final product launch. This effort took years, I’ve been worked on various parts in this project over time, I was in charge of the platform utilities design and other common components such as Charts and tables etc.

I worked closely with product managers to understand the key user stories and generate UI concepts. Responsible for defining the user flows and information structure, creating wireframes, building simple workable prototypes. Also participated user research to get feedback from users to validate our design solutions.



Information Architecture

This is an overview of how the platform is being structured, and illustrates what parts of the platform I contributed to. 

Main screens



Investment List

Controller and Interactive tools

Quicktake Report


Investment Screener